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If you are expecting a baby and you want to find out about how their sleep will change, or you want to find out about co-sleeping or what things can improve the sleep of babies of any age, you can book an information talk here.

Bebé durmiendo

€ 75


0 to 12 months

Is it normal for my 2 month old to wake up every couple of hours?

When does it make sense to introduce night routines?

If I stop breastfeeding at night, will my baby sleep better?

This 90-minute session is specifically thought for parents-to-be or families with newborn babies. We will see what the normal sleep of a baby is like and what we can expect during the first year at night.

Niño durmiendo

€ 75


1 to 3 years

Going to sleep has become a fight.

How to deal with nightmares?

How does cognitive and emotional development influence sleep?

In this 90-minute session we will talk about the factors that negatively affect children's sleep ages 1 to 3 and what we can do to improve it.

dormir del bebé

€ 50



Sleep environment


In this 60-minute session we will see how these 3 factors influence babies' sleep and how we can improve their sleep making small changes.

Madre y bebe durmiendo

€ 50


Is it dangerous to sleep in the same bed with a baby?

Am I spoiling the baby if I put it to sleep in our bed?

I would like to co-sleep but I don't know exactly how to do it.

In this 60-minute session we will see the advantages of co-sleeping and how to practise it safely.

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